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Troubleshooting and optimization pack

175 €/h

discounted at 150 € per hour if bundled with an accounting service contract

(min 30 hours)
Correction and verification of your Odoo accounting migration
Implementation of Digitalized accounting, client communication processes and Efficient Automations

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Based on the progress of your Odoo migration, we will adapt and ensure a seamless completion of your accounting setup and optimization, whether you are in the pre-migration, migration, or post-migration phase as described below.

Pre-Migration phase (troubleshooting)

  • Correct and complete the pre-migration steps.
  • Extraction and cleaning of data from your old accounting system.
  • Configuration of customer and supplier contacts.
  • Configuration of your chart of accounts in Odoo.
  • Configuration of your products and invoice templates.
  • Configuration of the Document module to optimise the automation of accounting entries.

Migration phase (troubleshooting)

  • Opening Balances Verification in Odoo.
  • Verification of your chart of accounts, customer and supplier data in Odoo.
  • Validation Tests: Conduct validation tests.

Post-Migration Phase and Optimization

  • Bank Synchronization Setup: Implement bank synchronization (current accounts and VISA cards).
  • Alternative: Implement an automatic import procedure for bank transactions.
  • Vendor bills batch payment.
  • Financial and Management Reports Training: Provide training on generating financial and management reports.
  • Client Communication Training through Odoo: Train on client communication through Odoo (sending invoices and automating client reminders).
  • Asset models and automatic depreciation schedule
  • Automatic accruals and deferral entries
  • Bank reconciliation models
  • Analytical Accounting

Our Commitment

  • Execution by experts: Mission carried out by chartered accountants and qualified Odoo experts.
  • Transparency: Full transparency on hours worked from start to finish.
  • Weekly Progress Reports.
  • Balance of available hours converted into an chartered accounting assistance pack if not used.

Final Objective:

Troubleshooting to verify and correct your Odoo accounting configuration and identify optimization opportunities in the Accounting, Documents, and Contacts modules. In the Optimization phase, imlementation of the opportunities for a leaner, more cost efficient accouting process.

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Chartered accountant's pack

125 € per hour
(min 40 hours)

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Migration pack

Starting from 4500€

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